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Our Story

Afternoon Tea is a cherished tradition for Nadine and Christine, as it was a custom they shared with their respective grandmothers, Rosie and Lanoi.

Nadine’s maternal grandmother, Rosie, meaning a rose, was soft-spoken, caring and always smiling. She enjoyed cooking, entertaining, and was always dressed fashionably for any occasion. Some of Nadine’s fondest memories were at tea time with her grandmother.

Lanoi, which translates to “orchid love” in Chinese, was Christine’s paternal grandmother. Like Nadine’s grandmother, Lanoi was always well-dressed and ready to welcome unexpected guests. Christine and Lanoi had their own special tradition of enjoying black tea with milk and biscuits. Christine still enjoys her daily tea the way her grandmother used to prepare it.

Shades of purple have been incorporated in the design of the salon in honour of Nadine’s paternal grandmother, Violet. The decor is elegant, an ode to Sau Ying, Christine’s maternal grandmother.

The dream of opening a tea salon began when Nadine and Christine were working together at an accounting firm. The two of them began spending their afternoon breaks together, connecting over tea, just as they had with their grandmothers. They would catch themselves daydreaming of opening a tea salon together. Their dream salon would be a warm, comfortable, and welcoming place where friends and family could gather to create sweet memories… and so Salon Rosie-Lanoi came to fruition.

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Sau Ying

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Christine and Nadine

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